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like a lovers secret.
...leaning her head back of her own accord, offering herself to him.
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REALITY BITES. I am so far out of the Twilight fandom it's ridiculous. And when you're not in the fandom, neither is your muse. Which makes writing this story almost impossible. I feel guilty, because I made promises I couldn't keep and I do still love Jasper and Alice. Just... not as much as I used to. Fact of the matter is: I doubt this will get finished. I won't post any more until the whole thing is finished, and I just don't really see that happening. I just don't have the love for this series that I used to. And I apologize if I've disappointed any of you, it wasn't my intention when I started this story.

KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE. I do want to finish this story. Not only because I'm kind of OCD and I like to have things wrapped up nicely, but also because I'm really proud of what I have so far. Who knows, maybe Eclipse will inspire me to write some more. I do have the whole story outlined--I know exactly where it's going, step by step. And whenever I can, I do go and add a little to it. When I read back over all the comments ya'll have left me it makes me really happy; and it makes me want to want to write more. Maybe someday... And so I'll keep the In-Progress status.
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